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Our Targets

The number of deaf people in Nepal is estimated to be around 200000 (two hundred thousand). Without basic education and skill, they cannot find any kind of work to support their life.  They are compelled to live a miserable life with little support from their family. In many cases, they are neglected by their own family members. So the newly set up creative hand of deaf women aims at resolving this humanitarian issue.  In order to address this problem, CHDW intends to mobilize internal as well as external support to address this problem.
At its initial stage, it targets to gather 5 to 10 deaf women aged between 16  and 35 years and provide them training in sewing, knitting, etc. It will gradually increase the number year by year.


Creative Hands of deaf Women help vulnerable hearing with disability women to lead independent lives, by giving support in education, vocational training, and awareness and engage in job to hearing with disabilities women.


  • Awareness on Health and sex
  • Awareness on counseling to hearing disabilities
  • Awareness on Women Disabilities Right


Nepali Sign Language

Sign language is very important to uplift the life of deaf people. In our country due to lack of education, people think that deaf people don’t need education. So firstly we have to change the peoples` thinking and tell them about the sign language.

Sign language needs a lot of practice. More practice mean more improvement which ultimately leads to manage and protect their rights. So learning and practice brings improvement in the level of sign language uses and then the integration in hearing world bring more dignified life.

Deaf people have improved sign language and also have increased its words stocks .A good movement is the direction. Now there are schools for deaf children in our country too.

Our main intention is to make a group of deaf women from remote area from weak families who are not yet aware of sign language. They need help and the aim of the project is to cover them. Creative hands of deaf women are intended to bring them into the world of sign language.


Sewing Training

Sewing Training to deaf women to increase their confident, develop skills, knowledge and make them independent. Knowledge and skills of sewing help to lead the deaf people independent easily manage their work and protects their right.

Banking Training

Banking training is need to deaf people to withdraw or deposit cash. If they have proper banking training, they can go ATM or bank by themselves. Therefore, we provided banking training to them so they can easily access to bank.

Paper Bag training

Paper bag training helps the deaf women to enhance their creativity skills. We aim to make them able to make paper bags out of materials like newspaper, wax coated paper, brown paper that are even environment friendly. This training also helps them to be independent and stable on their own.

Cooking Training

Cooking training encourages deaf women to enjoy themselves and gain a lot of experience. By enrolling in this activity, they get to explore their cooking passion and increase their knowledge and creativity in this field.

Provide Job Employment for hearing disabilities

The various training provided to the deaf women helps to increase their self-esteem and self-reliant. These training also make them physically and mentally active. These training make them independent. It helps them to believe in themselves. By providing job opportunities based on their abilities and capacity they can be economically stable in their future.