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Sarita Chaguthi

Sarita Chaguti is a 24-year-old deaf woman and physical disabilities from Bhaktapur. She was born in 2049 B.S. She has five family members in the family including mom, dad, younger brother, and sister. Due to her hearing disabilities problem family used to discriminate in her family. In addition, she has an operation on her leg due to carelessness from her family. Later, she knows that our organization Creative Hands of Deaf Women working for deaf women from Bhaktapur CBR. She came to CHDW. We provide training on Nepali Sign Language and Skill Development Training on sewing. After training, we CHDW engage her at Bhumi Handicraft for the job. She started working in Bhumi Handicraft in 2015. She is satisfied with what she is doing and she is happy.